The Skagit Valley offers year-round exploration and wonder

      The Skagit County is a beautiful region one hour north of Seattle, Washington. The land is rich in resources, migratory birds and a gorgeous view in all directions. It has become one of my favorite places to visit and photograph. The return of the snow geese, trumpeter and tundra swans and a variety of raptors each winter make this the most exciting place to watch birds and enjoy the incomparable area we call; The Skagit. 

      Shorebirds return to this area and now with the help of Washington; Farming for Wildlife project, it is a win-win for birds and farmers alike. Please visit one of my first conservation projects and learned more about how Nature Conservancy is connecting conservation to the local farmers.



      To learn more about all the wonderful birds that migrate through and call the Skagit Valley home, check out


     Skagitonian’s to Preserve Farmland is one part of my first conservation project that supports the Skagit Valley. They have worked side by side with Nature Conservancy with their Farming for Wildlife Project. They work hard every day to protect and preserve the farmland the Skagitonian's have come to rely upon for their livelihood and hertiage.

     Please visit their website to see all that they do to preserve the gorgeous area at


     In the spring, the Skagit comes alive with color. Please visit for more information.


When the flowers are gone, the farmers are ready to plant their crops and we get to look forward to fresh fruit, vegetables and fields of golden hay for their livestock that support the farmers all year. And yes, all through the spring, summer and fall, produce stands are open up to the public Please visit this websites at:


My favorite stop is at the Pleasant Ridge Farm Stand, located behind the Rexville Grocery. Visit their websiite: for dates and times.

The Rexville Grocery is my favorite place to grab a sandwich for my long days of birding and capturing the beauty of the birds of the Skagit. Here at The Rexville Grocery with its long history of serving the folks of the Skagit, they provide mouth-watering food while they also support local farmers, microbreweries and wineries. This little treasure can be found just pass the bridge on Best Road leading into LA Conner. Please check out their website at and .bring a healthy appetite……….





Local Conservation Organizations and Projects, this website supports.  Click on the photos below to connect to their work

Grays Harbor Conservation District
The Trumpeter Swan Society
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